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Are interns protected from sexual harassment in the workplace?

Many organizations use interns who are not paid for their time or their services. Often, these organizations are corporations who are allowing interns to work for them as part of their college courses; studies have shown that roughly 50 percent of college graduates have also done internships. On top of that, colleges themselves will often offer internships to their students without pay. For example, this is done at Arizona State University.

One of the potential issues with interns is that they may not have all of the same protections from discrimination, sexual harassment and the like that employees would get. The Civil Rights Act only protects actual employees who are paid, and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission also only focuses on paid workers.

Woman at Yahoo facing sexual harassment case in California

One the executives at Yahoo is facing a sexual harassment case, which was recently filed in a court in California. While many of these types of cases involve male executives and bosses, this one is notable because the case, which was filed by a woman who used to work for Yahoo, is targeted at a female executive, bucking that trend.

According to the woman, the executive told her that she would have a good future with the company if she would provide sexual favors for her, including both cyber sex and physical encounters. The woman complained about the things that her boss was telling her, but she says that her complaints were not investigated properly by the department.

Tinder co-founder alleges hostile work environment

Sexual harassment in the workplace can quickly cause a hostile environment. When the sexual harassment is being directed to a co-founder of a company from another co-founder, things can go bad rather quickly. That is what is alleged in a recent lawsuit filed by the female co-founder of the dating app Tinder. This case might interest California readers who have been hearing about the unfriendly stance Silicone Valley seems to have now toward women.

The female co-founder says she was subjected to sexual harassment and discrimination over the course of 18 months. In 2012, she and her boss started a romantic relationship, according to the lawsuit she has filed. She says that she was subjected to sexually demeaning comments after the relationship went sour. She also says that she was harassed via text messages.

California nanny makes serious claims against employer

Imagine working at job in which you weren't allowed to take breaks for days at a time. Now, imagine that you have a medical condition that makes it difficult to keep to a schedule like that. Those are the claims that a 64-year-old woman is making against a California couple for whom she was employed.

The woman has been nicknamed the "nightmare nanny" by the media because she is refusing to leave the home of the family. She asserts that she was being exploited by the couple because she was forced to watch the couple's three children for days on end without taking breaks.

Why sexual harassment still happens in California and elsewhere

Many people find it hard to believe that sexual harassment in the workplace is still an issue in modern society. They look at shows like "Mad Men," a show set decades in the past, and see that harassment is a common theme, but what is really frightening is how many headlines from today's world seem so similar.

These cases happen all across the country. A man in the military was actually in charge of preventing these kinds of issues in Texas, but then they started to investigate his role in a prostitution operation. Elsewhere, the chief executive officer of American Apparel was fired by the board. They said that, among other things, he let one of his employees leak nude pictures to the Internet. The pictures were of a woman who had recently set up a lawsuit to sue the man.

Wrongful termination claim filed by California woman

A worker for the Crestline Sanitation District has filed a lawsuit that claims she was wrongfully terminated from her position. The woman was hired by the district in October of 2012. She was promoted to a position on July 1 of the following year that had a six-month probationary period.

She alleges that she was let go because of a deposit that never made it to the bank. She says that a few weeks after she was promoted, she gave the general manager a bank deposit of $215.70. When she reconciled the books at the end of the month, the deposit wasn't there.

Donald Sterling's assistant claims harassment in California

A woman who worked as a personal assistant to Donald Sterling, the billionaire former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, has filed a lawsuit that claims she was subjected to harassment while working for him. The woman apparently had a romantic relationship with the man for a number of years, and she also ended up employed by him as an assistant.

Now, she says that he made comments while she was working for him that were inappropriate. Some of those comments were allegedly sexual in nature, while others were racial.

Wrongful termination claim made after firefighter fired

For people in some careers, actions away from work can have a profound impact on their jobs. A case that has been going on for more than three years that involves a California firefighter shows just how significant of an impact things that happen away from work can have on a job, even if no criminal convictions are associated with the actions.

The City of Redondo Beach is being sued by a firefighter who was allegedly wrongfully terminated after he admitted to groping women in a nightclub. The incidents happened on Jan. 8, 2011, at the Busby's nightclub. The man groped four women who didn't consent to his advances.

Bill aims to reduce sexual harassment of California farmworkers

Anyone who's driven past the many acres of agricultural fields in California knows how difficult farm laborers' jobs are. They do backbreaking work in intense heat for little money. Moreover, since many do not speak English and are not legal residents (or have family members who aren't), they often feel they have little recourse if they are mistreated by employers. Female farm laborers are particularly vulnerable to sexual harassment.

Now a bill has been introduced by State Sen. Bill Monning of Carmel that aims to reduce sexual harassment of farm laborers. SB1087 would allow California's labor commissioner to revoke the licenses of farm labor contractors who hire crew supervisors with a history of sexual harassment. It would also require all farm employees, not just supervisors, to have more sexual harassment training.

California nurse sues hospital over firing, whistleblower suit

A woman who worked at Rideout Memorial Hospital in California has now sued that hospital after she was fired from her position. According to her account, she suffered from battery, and she was also terminated on wrongful grounds. She claims that it was all in retaliation to a whistleblower lawsuit that she started.

It all began when the nurse contacted the government about under-staffing in the hospital. This was allegedly happening in telemetry units, where the woman worked. She said that the hospital never approved any more than the bare minimum for staffing, and that this went against state laws and made for an unsafe environment.

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